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The FileMaker platform is an ideal development application for the enterprise that needs to develop and implement a custom software solution quickly and cost-efficiently. It enables FileMaker certified developers to create fully customized, easy-to-use software. FileMaker saves time and reduces costs for businesses and organizations.
Filemaker developpement

Create one application that meets all needs.

With FileMaker, you get a platform designed for customization. Create tools exactly for your business, bring data and processes together, unlock new knowledge and eliminate inefficiencies.

Easily integrate into your current situation.

FileMaker offers extensive integration capabilities, making it easy to connect to other applications and web services. That means you get more out of your investment.

Access when and where you need it.

FileMaker meets your ubiquitous access needs through a simple, secure and unified platform on all types of devices, from desktop (Mac and Windows) to mobile and web.

Rely on a proven platform with a global community of partners.

Claris International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple, is used by companies ranging from the Fortune Global 500 to one-person stores and has thousands of developers worldwide. We’re proud to be a long-standing and respected member of the extensive network of global partners that advise, develop and train FileMaker customers.

Protect data security and integrity.

The FileMaker platform uses a unified security model across all clients – iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. When the file is hosted by FileMaker Server, the security you create with FileMaker Server and between FileMaker Server and your server folder, other databases and your web server applies to all files hosted by FileMaker Server.


FileMaker licenses

As a member of the FileMaker Alliance (FBA) we can provide you with FileMaker licenses and hosting. Because prices are quite complex to define, do not hesitate to consult us to assist you as extensively as possible.


Highly secure data center
Located in the Benelux
ultra-high bandwidth
Backups + outsourcing backups to another server at another location
We take care of the configuration, maintenance and security of your server.
Highly secured
Attractive price

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