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Contacts&Events solution for associations

Contacts&Events is the solution to manage your contacts and organize your events.

Thanks to Contacts&Events, the management of your contacts and the organisation of events (conferences, seminars, study trips…) is finally bundled in an open, simple and powerful application, specially designed for the business world!

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Contacts&Events enables you to :

  • Centralize your contacts in one secure application
  • Enter your database with a business card scan or with a tool that allows you to import contacts from multiple sources (Excel, CSV, etc.).
  • Access the list of contacts for a specific organization
  • Run an email campaign from a specific selection of contacts via MailChimp
  • Identify these same contacts to groups you define.
  • Manage the registration of participants in an event and a hotel, as well as all related activities, all with automated billing.
  • Create a special website per event in one click
  • Have a tool that allows your contacts to register online for the event
  • Invite contacts to events by email
  • Send a confirmation email to the participants
  • Benefit from automated badge creation with QR code
  • And confirm participation thanks to an attendance list on iPad (with or without Internet access).
  • Communicate to hotels and restaurants the names of guests and their culinary preferences.
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Jak Contacts & Events
  • Be aware of changes made by users to your database
  • Availability of GDPR compliant software
  • Manage your members’ membership and invoicing
  • Assign different tasks to your employees
  • Avoid duplicate entries thanks to a powerful system that detects duplicate entries
  • Print various types of detailed event reports
  • Define rules that allow you to set different prices for your events depending on membership and registration dates (earlybird).
  • Export (Excel, CSV, etc.) with traceability of your data
  • Duplicate recurring events
  • Management of your user rights
  • Retrieve photos of participants
  • Have direct contact with the developers of the application.
  • All these functions and much more are automated for you and can be accessed with a single click from anywhere in the world.

    You don’t have to juggle dozens of different programs to achieve your goals.
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